Forthcoming Events, Quiz Results and Community Information

Forthcoming Events

Week A

Wednesday 16 January                   

Secondary Music Teachers’ Network Meeting

Friday 18th January                           

Bank of England Speaker Assemblies for Year 10 & 11

Week B

Monday 21st January                       

Year 9 boys football at Bude – 3.10pm – 5.15pm

Year 7 boys football at HCC – 3.40pm -4.40pm

Tuesday 22nd January                     

Year 9 Parents’ Evening – 4pm – 7pm

Wednesday 23rd January                  

HLC Dance Festival – 12.45- 2.45pm

Thursday 24th January                       

School Council meeting 1.30pm – 2.10pm

Quiz Results

Poseidon 91

Highest group AW 18

Thor 65

Highest group JS 20

Zeus 59

Highest group JG 18

Apollo 42

Highest groups AV/NTR 17

Question 13 of 20:

Ongoing negotiations for Britain’s exit from the European Union continue to dominate the news. Which of these countries is not a full member of the European Union?
a. Ireland 
b. Greece  
c. Norway


c. Norway – Many people are suggesting Britain could adopt a similar relationship to the EU as Norway’s. Norway is not part of the European Union, but is a member of the European Economic Area. Ireland joined the EU in 1973 (the same year that the United Kingdom did), while Greece joined in 1981.

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