Thank you Waitrose Customers

On Thursday 20th December, I was delighted to be able to go along to Waitrose, Holsworthy, to collect a cheque for £265, which was as a result of members of the public choosing to support us via their Community Matters scheme.

“We are delighted to be able to help with any school fitness project and it’s a pleasure to be able to present this cheque to Holsworthy Community College.” Marilyn, Waitrose Holsworthy Branch.

I would like to thank all the Waitrose shoppers that supported our fund-raising project to purchase a treadmill for the College fitness suite.

We will continue our fundraising efforts to ensure we provide our students with the best possible facilities.

Mr Vanstone, Head of PE, Holsworthy Community College

Waitrose cheque


GCSE Presentation Evening

On Thursday 22 November Holsworthy Community College held their annual presentation evening in Bodmin Chapel.  It was a successful evening with ex-students, their parents, staff, governors and local dignitaries attending.

Our guest speaker, Heather Stacey, was an ex Holsworthy Community College student who had gone on to become a veterinary surgeon. She gave an inspirational and informative talk on her career path.

Eloise and Lucy, both current Year 9 students, provided the music for the evening. It was lovely to hear our home grown talent as they both gave outstanding performances.

The presentation of the GCSE certificates was followed by the individual awards, all of which were well received. It was clear to see how proud the staff of Holsworthy Community College are of their students with the accompanying speeches given with each award.

We would like to thank the students and their parents for attending, the governors, local dignitaries and Mrs Stacey for supporting us and giving their time.

We would also like to thank Dawn Bewes for taking the photographs.



The next few weeks can be a fantastic time to help your child to reflect on what they might want for their future and to start to get their apprenticeship applications ready.

New apprenticeships are being developed and released all the time through The Institute for Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are real jobs and therefore individuals will need to participate in a competitive application, recruitment and selection process. For some employers this could be a fairly short process of an application and interview, but for other positions this could mean months of working through multiple application stages and activities. It is likely that your child will need to apply for a few vacancies before they are successful in securing the perfect apprenticeship for them.

Click on the link to read the Parents’ Pack Apprenticeship Information for help, information and recommendations of how to keep your child on track to securing an apprenticeship that they will be happy in.

HCC Pupils Undertake ACF Enrichment Experience

During the last term a group of pupils signed up to undertake “The Army Cadet Force (ACF) enrichment experience.”

The pupils were introduced to several ACF activities including drill, first aid, field craft, sports and an introduction to the cadet rifle. This was a new experience for myself, as well as the pupils, and I feel it has gone very well.

One pupil has enrolled at detachment with another expected after Christmas – they will benefit from the cadet experience, which offers personal self-development, team and independence skills, leadership and employer recognised certification and most importantly opportunities to have lots of fun and develop new friendships.

I look forward to running the enrichment with the next intake in the new year and would like to thank Mrs Williams for this opportunity to promote the value of the ACF to HCC pupils. I would also like to thank Brian Moore, owner of Survival Combat Games, for the free loan of overalls and laser tag systems.


Lt Jim Harvey
Detachment Commander
Holsworthy ACF

Forthcoming Events, Quiz Results & Hockey Report

Forthcoming Events

Tuesday 18th December

College Christmas dinner – 1.10pm – 2.10pm

Christmas Lunch


Wednesday 19th December

Winter Concert 7pm – 8.45pm


Friday 21st December

Last day of autumn term

Monday 7th January

Start of spring term – all pupils return

Quiz results

Zeus 103

Highest group JG/JR/SV 18

Thor 99

Highest group JNS/RL 19

Apollo 87

Highest group JB/AV 19

Poseidon 83

Highest group MG 19

Question 14 of 20:

According to Shelter, a housing charity, how many people in the UK are estimated to be homeless?
a. 32,000 
b. 320,000 
c. 3,200,000


  1. 320,000 – It is a rise of 4%, on last year’s figures and equivalent to 36 new people becoming homeless every day. Data suggests London has the highest rate of homelessness, but it is growing fastest in the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, and north-west England. The government says it is investing £1.2bn to tackle homelessness.

Hockey Report – HCC v Bude

On Wednesday 12th December, Holsworthy U15s travelled to Bude for a friendly match. Holsworthy won the first push back and after a matter of minutes we were in the lead. Great link up play from defence through to the midfield created lots of good chances for the attacking players to put away. Holsworthy continued to work hard and when the first half was over we were 6-0 ahead.

As the second half began, Holsworthy continued to work hard. We worked as a team to get the ball up to Bude’s end, which led to us scoring again. We continued to work together until the final whistle went with the final score being 10-0. Player of the match was awarded to Ruby.

Well done, girls!

Art Pics of the Week

Working on the topic of landscapes, some of our Year 8 students suggested they were struggling to draw trees. Therefore, a focus on the flora for this particular class was prescribed. The students combined a range of simplified, more abstract trees with a drawing of a realistic tree form.
First, they created a frame with a variety of basic tree shapes, using different tones and patterns, before sketching a bare tree on a darker shade of paper for the centre. Jasmine’s sketch book page looks stunning, also Logan and Oliver achieved fantastic outcomes – well done!

Mrs Tyrrell

Food Bank Awareness

On Thursday 13th December, Mrs Johns, who is a volunteer at the Food Bank, talked to our afterschool GCSE Religious Education students about why food banks are needed.

Holsworthy Food Bank has been running for around 6 years, and they have never been so busy! Members of the public can take food straight to the food bank or leave it at collection points in Waitrose or Holsworthy Library. Donations are also received from the Church of the Latter Day Saints and other local churches.

The Food Bank is open every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm – 4pm and they are located in the Manor Suite, at the rear of the Memorial Hall. Staffed by volunteers, they hand out food supplies, the quantity of which is dependent upon the size of the family (although single people are helped too). Three days’ worth of food is given, although these are generous supplies and will usually last longer.

If you are in a position to donate food items, e.g. tinned food (e.g. soup, tomatoes, sponge puddings, beans, vegetables, tuna, meat, fish), dried food (sugar, long-life milk, pasta, rice, biscuits (plain & savoury), cereals, custard), jars (jam, coffee, pickles, pasta sauce, cooking sauces) please take them to the Food Bank, Waitrose or Holsworthy Library collection points. Please do not donate fresh or frozen food.

If you are in need of help, please be aware that the Food Bank will only be open again on the 19th December; this is the last opportunity to collect provisions before Christmas. The next time they will be open is 2nd January. Vouchers can be obtained from the College, other local schools, the police, the health centre and the CAB, who can also advise on issues regarding benefits etc.


The Food Bank also have emergency vouchers if vouchers cannot be obtained elsewhere.

The service is totally confidential and you can be assured of a warm welcome. A chat and a cuppa is also there if needed.

We all have times of need and there is no shame in asking for help.

We would like to thank Mrs Johns for raising awareness of this important local service.

“As part of the GCSE RE afterschool course, we have invited a number of speakers in to explain their role in the local community. The idea is that their actions reflect on their religious belief.

Gill explained what the purpose of the Food Bank is and how it operates. Gill also explored some of the reasons why people might need to go to the Food Bank and said they work closely with the local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

At the end, students saw a list of the items the Food Bank could provide and asked questions about how the scheme works. The talk provided an excellent case study of the Christian principle of ‘Love thy Neighbour’.

Mr Baldwin