Exemplary Work from Year 9

Political Cartoons – Treaty of Versailles

Year 9 are to be commended for work done producing their own cartoons based on why the German people disliked the treaty. This was due to the unfair terms imposed upon them after World War 1, such as the huge fine, loss of land and the blame placed upon them due to the war. Furthermore they were forced to sign as they continued to be blockaded by the Royal Navy, with many of their citizens starving.

The work put in to produce these cartoons is quite amazing; the intricate detail on some is outstanding and the ideas and representation are fantastic. These images do not do the original works justice.

Well done, Year 9!

The cartoons pictured are by Logan, Livvy, Grace, Callum, Emma and Jennifer.

Mr Scott


Key Stage 3 Remembrance Art 

Key Stage 3 students have been learning about the significance of the remembrance poppy and creating art homework, based on the theme of the poppy, using materials and techniques of their own choice.

It is clear that many students have demonstrated outstanding homework effort. For example, Holly, in Year 8, constructed a large scale sculpture using metal and wood, stitched a felt poppy hair tie and presented a framed coloured pencil drawing of a poppy field. 

Students were guided on how to carry out independent research on the topic and have taken inspiration from a wide range of sources. A fantastic variety of materials and techniques have been explored, resulting in some very unique and imaginative outcomes. This has been a further opportunity for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to develop skills across a range of disciplines, including fine art, sculpture, three dimensional design, photography, fashion and textile design and graphic design (a requirement of the GCSE Art course). 

Students’ thoughtful, poignant and creative work will be on display around the College to mark the centenary of World War 1. 

Thank you very much to parents and carers for their kind support provided with this homework task so that we can commemorate the fallen in this way.  

Miss Urquhart