Year 8 Art Deco

Our Year 8 students have been concentrating on decorative art this term and created a range of stunning pieces of work.IMG_6708

We started the topic by looking at Art Deco and created a research page. Afterwards, we focused on the ceramicist Clarice Cliff, decorating a paper plate with a design in her colourful style.

Now we are working on our final piece, a fruit bowl made of clay and painted like a fruit.



Mrs Tyrrell

HCC Win Awards in Burton Exhibition

On Monday the 25th of March some Year 9 students, who have shown an interest in 1doing Art for GCSE, went to visit the Burton Art Gallery. The students were inspired by the work they saw from a variety of artists. The trip also helped students with their GCSE coursework, as they need to research local artists and write reviews.
“When we got there we went into the gallery and looked around the three different spaces. There was a lot of work from different schools. The Holsworthy Community College’s art was amazing. In another room there was more detailed craftwork from local artists; it was very beautiful work. The museum upstairs had big models and interesting facts.

We were given a challenge to find the most expensive piece in the gallery; it was worth £2,200 and was by Pine Feroda called ‘Morning Light’. It was a huge print. There was also a very large ceramic pot worth £2,000.3

We look forward to our next projects at the College.”

Vicky and Lydia, Year 9 students 

Holsworthy Community College submitted over 150 pieces of art for the exhibition, which is an incredible achievement. The work came from all year groups at the school, with 1 in 5 students having artwork exhibited. It shows just some of the opportunities we offer our budding artists at the College. 

Holsworthy won a number of awards, which include:

The Arts Society award for our contribution to the Schools’ Exhibition

Metal Shoe Sculpture (Year 7 student)

Portrait (Year 11 student)

Colour Wheel (Year 7 student) 

Colour Wheel (Year 7 student) 

Portrait in Pencil (Year 10 student) 

The series of Pop Art portraits produced by Year 9 students.

Mrs Bloxham 



Optical Art & Surrealism

Year 9 students have been working on optical art and surrealism.

They have been looking closely at how contrast, tone and perspective can all help to create illusions when looking at paintings and images.

They are about to start a final composition, which will be influenced by optical art and surrealism.  

This week’s artist study has been on Rene Magritte, a Belgium surrealist artist, who worked closely with Salvador Dali.  Students have found his work fascinating.

Mr Rowe

Students’ Art to be Exhibited

As we prepare for this year’s Burton at Bideford Annual Schools’ Exhibition, it is amazing to see one of our student’s artwork from last year, as the online cover picture for this year’s exhibition.

Well done Beth and Miss Urquhart her teacher.

Check it out here…

Last year we were very proud that our school won ‘The Art Society North Devon award for outstanding work’.

“The exhibition celebrates, nurtures and encourages the talents of young artists aged 5-18 who attend schools in the local area – and of course the work by their dedicated teachers. This engaging exhibition never fails to delight and impress.

The Fine Art Society (previously known as NADFAS) is generously sponsoring and providing cash prizes for those schools and individuals that exhibit the most creative and original artwork.

The presentation of the awards will be held on Tuesday April 2.”

The exhibition dates are 16 March 2019 – 22 April 2019 and is open Monday – Saturday: 10am-4pm and Sunday: 11am-4pm.  Admission to the Burton at Bideford is free.

The College is also taking a number of students to see the exhibition at the gallery. We hope to spend time discussing some of the work we see and are looking for ideas for our students’ own work. Seeing work produced by students of a similar age can really inspire students, in an achievable way. 

Mrs Bloxham

Abstract Art

In the last half term, Year 7 students at Holsworthy Community College have been exploring abstract art.

To understand that abstract art is any art that does not contain figurative or representational content and is composed only of shapes and colours, we worked in the style of Jackson Pollock, whose process of working is described as action painting.

We put an A2 sheet of grey paper on the floor and, working in groups of three or four, we dripped yellow, blue and black paint on the paper whilst moving around it. The results were stunning and the students enjoyed the different approach to painting.

Mrs Tyrrell

Year 7 Art – Observational Drawing 

Year 7 students have been reviewing the progress they have made with their observational drawing skills, in their first term. 

Students were asked to complete a self-assessment and reflection task after comparing their pre-test and post-test drawings.

Cara – “I have made progress with using a greater range of tones and including shadows and highlights to portray 3d form. I could still improve my work by showing different textures and by including the smaller details. I was surprised by how blending techniques make the drawing look a lot smoother. What I liked most about the lesson was using techniques I haven’t used before.”

Charlie – “I was surprised by how well my second drawing went compared to my first attempt in September. I could still improve by drawing a more accurate outline. What I liked most about our lesson was how calm it was.”

Kara – “What I liked most about the lesson was that we were trying our hardest.”

Ash – “I was surprised by the fact that I have massively improved my drawing speed, style and accuracy in this time.”

Erin – “The most useful thing I will take from this lesson was how effective it is to use a really large tonal range in my drawings.”

James – “I’ve made progress with how many tones and blending techniques I have used in my work. You can see from my drawing in September that I knew none of this. I’m transformed. I was surprised how well I did in this project and I didn’t expect to learn this much.”

Very well done, Year 7! 

Miss Urquhart

Exemplary Work from Year 9

Political Cartoons – Treaty of Versailles

Year 9 are to be commended for work done producing their own cartoons based on why the German people disliked the treaty. This was due to the unfair terms imposed upon them after World War 1, such as the huge fine, loss of land and the blame placed upon them due to the war. Furthermore they were forced to sign as they continued to be blockaded by the Royal Navy, with many of their citizens starving.

The work put in to produce these cartoons is quite amazing; the intricate detail on some is outstanding and the ideas and representation are fantastic. These images do not do the original works justice.

Well done, Year 9!

The cartoons pictured are by Logan, Livvy, Grace, Callum, Emma and Jennifer.

Mr Scott

Key Stage 3 Remembrance Art 

Key Stage 3 students have been learning about the significance of the remembrance poppy and creating art homework, based on the theme of the poppy, using materials and techniques of their own choice.

It is clear that many students have demonstrated outstanding homework effort. For example, Holly, in Year 8, constructed a large scale sculpture using metal and wood, stitched a felt poppy hair tie and presented a framed coloured pencil drawing of a poppy field. 

Students were guided on how to carry out independent research on the topic and have taken inspiration from a wide range of sources. A fantastic variety of materials and techniques have been explored, resulting in some very unique and imaginative outcomes. This has been a further opportunity for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to develop skills across a range of disciplines, including fine art, sculpture, three dimensional design, photography, fashion and textile design and graphic design (a requirement of the GCSE Art course). 

Students’ thoughtful, poignant and creative work will be on display around the College to mark the centenary of World War 1. 

Thank you very much to parents and carers for their kind support provided with this homework task so that we can commemorate the fallen in this way.  

Miss Urquhart