The Hiding Place

Oddments visit to HCC

On Thursday and Friday, the College welcomed Oddments Theatre Company into the school to show their production of “The Hiding Place”.

Oddments are one of the few full-time Christian Theatre Companies in the UK. Based in Yeovil, Somerset, they are a registered charity reaching out to churches, schools and prisons.image3

Oddments Theatre Company brings ‘The Hiding Place’ – the inspirational and heart wrenching testimony of Corrie ten Boom to life in their latest production. Corrie and her Christian family are outraged at the German occupation in the Second World War and the constant persecution of the Jewish community. Her sister, Betsie and father, Casper, join Corrie and thousands of others in the unceasing resistance of God’s underground. Their refusal to stand by and watch the Nazi’s horrendous onslaught, and their faith that prevails throughout their subsequent suffering of the Second World War’s darkest terrors, continues to inspire all of those who encounter Corrie’s incredible story.

This production was chosen because it linked in with the GCSE scheme looking at Nazi occupied countries during the Second World War and the resistance movement, of which Corrie and her family were a part. It also touched on SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) issues relating to forgiveness and fighting for justice.P1430495

An hour-long performance was given to the Year 10 and 11 GCSE History group on Thursday and performed again on the Friday morning to all of Year 9. There was also an evening public performance of the full show at the College, which was well attended.

The overall feedback from students and staff was that the show was well received; the students were well behaved and attentive. There was also good feedback from the team about the behavior of the groups watching.

Here’s what some of the students said:image1

“I really liked the play; it was very moving and it was the best play I have seen. The acting was amazing; it was like you were one of those characters and I was watching it in real life.” T

“I think it was very emotional; I’m glad they made this story into a play because I think it should be heard.” Syra

“I found it very good and it taught me lots of things about the Holocaust.”

“I found the production very interesting and was very moved by the acting and storyline and how the Holocaust affected different families.” Grace

“I thought it was very moving and inspirational for perseverance. It was also very informative and definitely helped me understand what it was like for them.” Sam

“I enjoyed how intense the production was.”

The performances were funded by local churches and organised by Ruth, the school Chaplin, as a way of the churches showing their support to the local college. There were also donations of 5 copies of ‘The Hiding place’ and 4 copies of a drama sketch compilation given to school to be put in the Library and in the History department.

R Jones


Exemplary Work from Year 9

Political Cartoons – Treaty of Versailles

Year 9 are to be commended for work done producing their own cartoons based on why the German people disliked the treaty. This was due to the unfair terms imposed upon them after World War 1, such as the huge fine, loss of land and the blame placed upon them due to the war. Furthermore they were forced to sign as they continued to be blockaded by the Royal Navy, with many of their citizens starving.

The work put in to produce these cartoons is quite amazing; the intricate detail on some is outstanding and the ideas and representation are fantastic. These images do not do the original works justice.

Well done, Year 9!

The cartoons pictured are by Logan, Livvy, Grace, Callum, Emma and Jennifer.

Mr Scott