Forthcoming Events, Quiz Results and College Open Events

Forthcoming Events

Week B

Monday 21st January                                     

Year 9 boys football at Bude – 3.10pm – 5.15pm

Year 7 boys football at HCC – 3.40pm -4.40pm

Tuesday 22nd January                     

Year 9 Parents’ Evening – 4pm – 7pm

PTFA Meeting 7.15 – all welcome

Wednesday 23rd January                              

HLC Dance Festival – 12.45- 2.45pm

Thursday 24th January                   

School Council meeting 1.30pm – 2.10pm

Year 7 & 11 netball v Kingsley – at home – 3.15pm – 4.30pm

Week A

Monday 28th January

Year 9 girls immunisations (dose 2) 9.30am – 11.30am

Tuesday 29th January

Year 11 photographs 9am – 10am

U15 football v Bude – away – 3.10pm – 5.15pm

Year 9 & 10 netball v Shebbear – away – 3.10pm – 4.30pm

Thursday 31st January

U13 football v Shebbear – away – 2.30pm – 4pm

Year 7 & 8 netball v Shebbear – at home – 3.15pm – 4.30pm

Friday 1st February

Year 7 ACF assembly

Quiz results

Thor 101

Highest group JS 19

Apollo 100

Highest groups AV & NTR 19

Zeus 93

Highest group DB 20

Poseidon 64

Highest group MG/NB 17

Question 15 of 20:

A sushi tycoon paid a record amount for a giant tuna at the first New Year’s auction in Tokyo’s fish market. How much did he pay for the fish? 
a. £25 000 
b. £250 000
c. £2 500 000


  1. £2 500 000 – Self-styled “Tuna King” Kiyoshi Kimura bought the 278kg (612lbs) Bluefin tuna, which is an endangered species. Wholesalers and sushi company owners often pay high prices for the best fish at the first pre-dawn auction of the New Year. Mr Kimura has been the highest bidder at the New Year auction for seven of the past eight years.



HCC win local heat of UK Engineering Challenge

We are very proud to announce that a team from HCC won our hosted event!

Students from Holsworthy Community College took part in an IET Faraday Challenge Day (FCD). The students became real-life engineers for a day when they researched, designed and built solutions to real engineering problems as part of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Faraday Challenge Day on Wednesday 16th January.

A total of 176 events are taking place across the UK to host 2018-19 IET Faraday Challenge Days. Up to six teams of local school students compete at each event to find the best solution to an engineering-related challenge. The events are free of charge and set up by IET staff and volunteers. We were fortunate that HCC was selected as one of only 68 schools chosen to host the event.

This year’s challenge is in association with the James Webb Space Telescope, but the brief for these young engineers is shrouded in secrecy to avoid unfair preparation and research. Teams must race against the clock to solve a real-life engineering problem, putting their engineering and technology knowledge and skills to the test.

Natalie Clerke, IET Faraday Education Manager, said: “Students who take part in the Faraday Challenge Days this year will experience working as an engineer through hands-on and practical engagement with real-life challenges relating to the James Webb Space Telescope.”

“There is huge demand for new engineers and technicians and we’re confident that this will challenge young people’s perceptions of engineers and inspire the next generation by giving them an insight into the life of a real engineer, the variety a career in engineering can offer and just how exciting and creative engineering is.”

The events aim to encourage more young people to study and consider exciting and rewarding careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by using creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills.

Each team member in the winning group was awarded a £10 Amazon gift card and the team also received a trophy for our school. The top five teams from across the UK will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the national final at The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh in 2019 to compete for a cash prize of up to £1,000 for their school.

The Faraday Challenge Days are part of a wider Faraday education programme, made up of a whole host of teaching resources and activities to inspire and attract the engineers of tomorrow.

For more information on the IET and its initiatives to promote STEM subjects and careers in the classroom, visit the dedicated websites for Secondary and Primary schools.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and really threw themselves into the challenge – working excellently in their teams. They studied the brief and came up with solutions, then reflected on their results and consequently improved them. Because of the team’s outstanding group work, they managed to produce a complicated and excellent model, which although resulted from a relatively simple concept, they improved after they really pushed themselves. I am extremely proud of our team and delighted they won and their efforts were rewarded. We are now looking forward to the next round!”

Mr Richards


Bank of England Opportunities

This morning HCC were very pleased to welcome Clair Mills, from the Bank of England, who spoke to Year 11 about career opportunities at the bank. She explained that the bank is looking for people with varying skills that they can train and develop and detailed some of the various opportunities for careers and international travel, within the bank, from the age of 18.

Their Future Capability Programme, for example, is for 18 months initially, but they also offer a 6-week internship, a Penultimate Internship, as well as postgraduate and graduate programmes.

Clair’s talk was very informative and inspiring as she explained that just because we live in rural Devon, the opportunities are still there for our students. Clair is also talking to Year 10 students about the Bank of England and what they do.

A big thank you to Clair for taking the time to come to HCC.

bank of england

Holsworthy beat Shebbear Sixth Form!

On Wednesday 16th January our Year 10 netball team played Shebbear Year 11s and sixth form students.

The game was goal to goal and very much constantly being turned over. After the first quarter we had a 1-0 lead, but got battered in the second quarter with them taking a 4-2 lead. We were working on our passages of play and timings in the third quarter, which ended up with us coming out with a 6-5 lead.

In the last quarter we were fighting really hard, but with 5 minutes to go, they were one goal up and one of our players got injured. We had to make a quick change and re-adjust our team. We were working so hard for the win and everyone was giving all their effort.

We managed to score two more goals before the final whistle for us to win the game 9-8.

It was a real team effort from everyone and Katie was named player of the match.


netball jan 19

Exemplary Work from Year 9

Political Cartoons – Treaty of Versailles

Year 9 are to be commended for work done producing their own cartoons based on why the German people disliked the treaty. This was due to the unfair terms imposed upon them after World War 1, such as the huge fine, loss of land and the blame placed upon them due to the war. Furthermore they were forced to sign as they continued to be blockaded by the Royal Navy, with many of their citizens starving.

The work put in to produce these cartoons is quite amazing; the intricate detail on some is outstanding and the ideas and representation are fantastic. These images do not do the original works justice.

Well done, Year 9!

The cartoons pictured are by Logan, Livvy, Grace, Callum, Emma and Jennifer.

Mr Scott

Welcome Back

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back to the new Spring Term.

A quick reminder to ask that you ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform and has all the necessary equipment required for their lessons. Stationery is available to buy from the Library before school, at break and lunchtime. 

Today we start the Spring Enrichment Programme – look out for more news and pictures from our various activities.

A reminder also to please log on to SIMS Parent App to ensure that we hold the correct information for you and your child. As a MAT, we use SIMS Parent Lite to collect, manage and handle key information about your child and you as parents/carers.  This puts you in control and makes sure the data we hold is accurate and up to date. This App also allows you to give consent for your child’s photograph to appear on this blog, our social media sites, newspapers and promotional material. You should have received an email with an activation code to allow you to log on to the App. If you have not received this or have any problems, please contact the College Reception. We still have lots of our students that we are unable to feature as their parent/carer has not logged on and provided the consent information. 

Thank you. 

spring term



Mr Sweeney, Head of School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents, carers, students and staff for all their support, hard work and efforts during this term. Some fantastic progress has been made by students across many subjects and other areas of the College.

We had a very successful non-uniform day on Friday 14th December in aid of the Save the Children charity. The students raised over £440 and many took the opportunity to wear their Christmas jumpers.

Tuesday 18th December was the school Christmas lunch, which was very well attended by staff and students. I would like to thank the catering team for all their efforts in preparing the lunch and making it such a special event.

Wednesday 19th December was our annual Winter Concert. This was also very well attended and everyone was so impressed with the talents of our young musicians in the College. Many thanks to the PTFA, staff and the families who supported the event.

On behalf of everyone at HCC, I would like to wish all our families a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing all students on Monday 7th January 2019.

Andrew SweeneyAndrew Sweeney 1 (1)

Meet the Recycling Team!

During the summer term, I decided that for an enrichment activity it would be a great idea to make something that would be useful around the school.  I noticed that unfortunately as a school we do very little recycling; we have a large amount of daily waste, which unfortunately ends up in black bags and ultimately ends up in landfill. After various discussions with colleagues and outside agencies, I researched the possibility of developing our own bins.

Here are my team; they have been awesome this term!


In September, this group of students joined me every Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour and they immediately embraced the challenge.   They began to research options for everything from logos to bin design and manufacturing.  They worked in groups contacting local businesses and focussed on developing our own design.  

The students in Key Stage 3 were also working on the sustainability of plastics in Design and Technology, which really helped them to understand the global problems we all face with our daily use of plastic and its disposal.  All students were particularly shocked to realise that every piece of plastic ever manufactured still exists and takes over a thousand years to break down…

As part of this enrichment activity , they have made four recycling bins for use around the College.

Tamar Trading, who supplied all the pallets to construct the frame, generously donated the raw materials.  RGB also helped by supplying the blue stain at a discount price. Greenfield Engineering have manufactured the bin lids and side supports; a big thank you to Mitchell Cisneros, ex HCC pupil, who has helped get these manufactured.

We plan to launch our new recycling system in the New Year; ideally, we can all help by keeping them relatively empty.  The majority of students use a reusable drinks flask in school, but we still have a huge turnover of single use plastic bottles and cans, which could go to be recycled into something else. 

The plan is that a small number of ‘Recycling Champions’ can help me monitor the use of the bins and that we can all do our bit for the environment. Each bin has been designed to hold a standard ‘dumpy bag’. If anyone in the community is able to donate one of these, then they would be greatly received.

If you can help please contact me

Thank you.

Mr Rowe

Thank you Waitrose Customers

On Thursday 20th December, I was delighted to be able to go along to Waitrose, Holsworthy, to collect a cheque for £265, which was as a result of members of the public choosing to support us via their Community Matters scheme.

“We are delighted to be able to help with any school fitness project and it’s a pleasure to be able to present this cheque to Holsworthy Community College.” Marilyn, Waitrose Holsworthy Branch.

I would like to thank all the Waitrose shoppers that supported our fund-raising project to purchase a treadmill for the College fitness suite.

We will continue our fundraising efforts to ensure we provide our students with the best possible facilities.

Mr Vanstone, Head of PE, Holsworthy Community College

Waitrose cheque

GCSE Presentation Evening

On Thursday 22 November Holsworthy Community College held their annual presentation evening in Bodmin Chapel.  It was a successful evening with ex-students, their parents, staff, governors and local dignitaries attending.

Our guest speaker, Heather Stacey, was an ex Holsworthy Community College student who had gone on to become a veterinary surgeon. She gave an inspirational and informative talk on her career path.

Eloise and Lucy, both current Year 9 students, provided the music for the evening. It was lovely to hear our home grown talent as they both gave outstanding performances.

The presentation of the GCSE certificates was followed by the individual awards, all of which were well received. It was clear to see how proud the staff of Holsworthy Community College are of their students with the accompanying speeches given with each award.

We would like to thank the students and their parents for attending, the governors, local dignitaries and Mrs Stacey for supporting us and giving their time.

We would also like to thank Dawn Bewes for taking the photographs.