Bank of England Opportunities

This morning HCC were very pleased to welcome Clair Mills, from the Bank of England, who spoke to Year 11 about career opportunities at the bank. She explained that the bank is looking for people with varying skills that they can train and develop and detailed some of the various opportunities for careers and international travel, within the bank, from the age of 18.

Their Future Capability Programme, for example, is for 18 months initially, but they also offer a 6-week internship, a Penultimate Internship, as well as postgraduate and graduate programmes.

Clair’s talk was very informative and inspiring as she explained that just because we live in rural Devon, the opportunities are still there for our students. Clair is also talking to Year 10 students about the Bank of England and what they do.

A big thank you to Clair for taking the time to come to HCC.

bank of england




The next few weeks can be a fantastic time to help your child to reflect on what they might want for their future and to start to get their apprenticeship applications ready.

New apprenticeships are being developed and released all the time through The Institute for Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are real jobs and therefore individuals will need to participate in a competitive application, recruitment and selection process. For some employers this could be a fairly short process of an application and interview, but for other positions this could mean months of working through multiple application stages and activities. It is likely that your child will need to apply for a few vacancies before they are successful in securing the perfect apprenticeship for them.

Click on the link to read the Parents’ Pack Apprenticeship Information for help, information and recommendations of how to keep your child on track to securing an apprenticeship that they will be happy in.