Recycle! Do it for the Kids

Mr Rowe has recently conducted assemblies for the whole school about using our four new recycling bins, which were made by our students in enrichment sessions last term.

The new bins are to collect plastic bottles and tins only at present, but in addition to this, HCC are very excited to be involved in the new Walkers Crisps recycling scheme, whereby we will soon be able collect empty crisp packets. “The crisp packets are cleaned and shredded to turn them into plastic pellets. These pellets are then transformed into park benches, plant pots, watering cans and cool bags.” 

The collected packets are also exchanged for reward points.


Mr Rowe has enlisted the help of students to collect the recycling on a Friday morning. Not enough recycling is done is school, but Mr Rowe also faced the obstacle that Torridge District Council do not have the facility to collect recycling from our school, without it incurring a cost. We are hoping to be able to source a collector for free.  

We were horrified to discover that all of the school’s waste currently goes to landfill, but with the pressures on school budgets, we simply cannot afford to pay a contractor to remove our recycling.

We are passionate about environmental issues and want to change the way we dispose of the majority of our waste. We are also hoping to promote and eventually become a single use plastic free zone. We have started with the food containers used in the canteen, which can be recycled and are hoping to ultimately replace single use plastic within the school. The problem is, even when we do make the change to use biodegradable products, all that happens is that they end up in a plastic bag in landfill!


There are a number of projects being introduced around the school to help us make these changes, but we need everyone on board. It is everyone’s responsibility to make these changes.



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