Forthcoming Events

Forthcoming Events


Friday 19th October

Last day of first half of autumn term

Monday 29th October – Week B

First day of second half of autumn term

Tuesday 30th October

Year 9 football v Bude – away – 3.10pm – 5.20pm

Year 7 football v Bude – at home 3.45pm – 5pm

Wednesday 31st October

KS2 HLS tag rugby league 4pm – 5.30pm

Friday 2nd November

Steven Shields Cross Country at Torrington Rugby Club 9am – 6pm


Quiz results

Thor 82

Highest group RL 18

Zeus 50

Highest groups DB 18

Apollo 61

Highest groups HR & PL 16

Poseidon 60

Highest group AW/KD 17

Question 2 of 20:

The discovery of what type of spiders led to the closure of four London schools last week?

  1. Tube Web Spiders
  2. Wasp Spiders
  3. False widow spiders


Answer: 2

  1. False widow spiders – Four east London schools were closed on Wednesday after the find of false widow infestations. The schools are all within a two-mile radius of each other and are being treated and fumigated. False widows are about the size of a 50p coin and are the most dangerous spider species in the UK.

Enrichment activity – Fabric Poppies

In one of our many enrichment classes, students had to make fabric poppies to fit in with this term’s topic of Rememberance day. We are proud of this group’s achievement, most of which were Year 7’s. The students have taken great pride in their work.

This finished article is available to view from the main road if you’re passing by.


‘Plate-Up’ Art Exhibition

On Monday we had a brilliant opportunity to take 15 year 11 students to an Art exhibition called ‘Plate up’. We travelled by mini bus to Bovey Tracy. The exhibition fitted in perfectly with their project called ‘Edibles’. The exhibit showcased craftspeople so work was all based on food service. There were ceramic bowls and plates, hand blown glass vessels, wooden carved boards, textile interpretations and metalwork. The students were really engaged and they enjoyed the opportunity to widen their perspectives. The gallery were so welcoming and discussed with us the concept behind the work. Thanks to them for accommodating us and thanks to year 11.
Mrs Bloxham

Katie Badham – On Monday 15th of October, Mr Vanstone and Mrs Bloxham took 15 art students to Devon Guild of Craftsmen Art Gallery. This trip was a good experience to be able to see the work of others that can be interpreted into our art project in class, it has inspired many of us to try sculptures instead of the techniques that we use every lesson. This trip has been beneficial for all of us and has given us the inspiration to try something different in art.

“My favourite part of the exhibition was the exhibit by Peter Lane. It was colourful and the designs were based on nature. For 60 years he has made the same shape bowls, dishes and plates, but he changes the decoration”. Aimee Doidge

Battlefields’ Trip


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On 9th October 58 excited students departed Holsworthy Community College, to travel to France and Belgium for the annual Battlefields’ trip. The first visit was Vimy Ridge, a Canadian memorial and preserved battlefield site. At this site there is an interesting visitors’ centre. Our guide took us down into the original tunnels used in the battle, which have been preserved. It was hard to imagine how cramped it must have been with the thousands of soldiers down there, for up to 36 hours at a time, with very little light and heat. We also visited the preserved trenches, which are one of the closest to each other in the war, only feet apart. We then walked up to the huge Vimy Ridge Memorial. We were overwhelmed with the size of it and the sheer scale of the number of missing men who gave their lives in that battle. The Memorial symbolised justice, hope, peace and mourning, and was very powerful and moving. Later we visited Albert Cathedral with the famous statue of the golden Madonna. The statue has been hanging off the edge of the Cathedral since it was shelled early on in the war. 

The next day, we travelled to the Somme Battlefield, in particular the site where the Devonshire Regiment fought on 1st July 1916. By their cemetery, there is a stone with the epitaph “The Devonshires held this trench, The Devonshires hold it still.” The cemetery was the most personal to us as some of the men who lay there were from Holsworthy and never returned home. Also, all of the graves have the same date, July 1st 1916, which is the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. Three of our students, Ryan, Livvy and Rebecca, read out the moving poem ‘Before Action’ by the grave of William Noel Hodgson, an officer of the Devonshires who died on that day. It was very special for us to honour his memory and sacrifice. We also visited Newfoundland Park, a preserved Canadian battlefield site that also records what happened on July 1st, 1916, this time to the Newfoundland Regiment. This regiment had the second largest casualty rate in the battle, losing around ¾ of its strength on the first day of the battle. It was referred to as “The blackest day of the British Army”. A caribou sculpture, which is the regimental logo, stands mourning the men that had died on the battlefield, 100 years ago.

We also paid our respects at the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing, which is the largest Commonwealth War Memorial in the world. There are 72,000 names carved into the white, Portland stone. It was quite emotional to think that so many men had given their lives for their country. Jessica Cawsey read her war poem here, which was incredibly moving and really showed the sacrifice men made when they signed up to go to war.

On Thursday, we visited Tyne Cot, the largest cemetery in the world. Here many of us laid our poems on a family member’s grave or chose a soldier to honour. This was a very memorable moment for some.  The overwhelming number of graves and missing men really got to some of the students; it was very thought provoking and emotional. The other cemeteries were also just as moving, but Tyne Cot was especially poignant due to the sheer size of it. There were so many missing soldiers “Known unto God” where their bodies were sadly unidentifiable after their death. It was overwhelming how many there actually were. We left the cemetery feeling very grateful for the lives that were given for us today.

A special visit was made to Hooge Crater Cemetery where Livvy Hillsdon Rogers made a moving and special pilgrimage to two of her relatives and laid her poem at the site. The next stop was Essex Farm Dressing Station, where there was a hospital for wounded soldiers; many died there of their horrific injuries. This was also where John McCrae wrote “In Flanders Fields” and it was also the site of the first gas attack in history. The final part of the day saw Holsworthy College take part in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. Jessie Cawsey, Chris Farmer and Mr Baldwin were given the honour of laying a wreath during this moving ceremony.

Overall, it was an incredibly moving trip where we learnt and experienced a huge amount, paid our respects to our fallen soldiers and had a memorable time. It was very emotional and thought-provoking and we are all incredibly grateful for the lives that were given by our brave soldiers.

Ryan Walters, Rebecca Woolsey, Livvy Hillsdon-Rogers



Sports Round-Up


Holsworthy U16 netball team travelled to Okehampton for a friendly match. With only seven players, Holsworthy worked tirelessly hard throughout the game. There was great defending from Lucy (GK) and Tallulah (GD), who made many interceptions and made it as difficult as possible for Okehampton to score.

In mid court Issy (C), Sophie (WA) and Bryony (WD) linked up well and kept good possession of the ball. Our attackers Anna (GA) and Molly (GS) showed off some great shooting skills, with Anna netting some awesome long shots from the edge of the circle. Molly was voted as player of the match by the other team. Holsworthy lost the game, but continue to improve as a team and are looking forward to the North Devon tournament after half term. Well done, girls!

Holsworthy U14 netball team also travelled to Okehampton to play their first game of the season.  It was a great team performance, with Holsworthy coming out on top and winning the game 27-13. Player of the match was Amelia, as voted for by the other team. A great start to the season! Well done, girls!

U14 Hockey Tournament

On Tuesday 16th October, the U14 Girls’ Hockey Team attended the county tournament at Plymouth Marjon University.

The girls, a mixture of Year 9 and Year 8, were drawn into a tough group that included Shebbear, Exeter School and Torquay Grammar School, with the top two teams then qualifying for the quarterfinals.

First up for the girls was Exeter School, a team that later went on to qualify for the semi-finals. After only having a five-minute warm up, the game was extremely close with the play going from one end to the other. Some great defensive performances saw the game finish 0-0, with Holsworthy picking up their first point in the group. The girls then went on to play Torquay Grammar and were unfortunate to come away again with only a draw.

After going 1-0 down, the girls showed great character and after some great build up play from Ruby, Erin was able to finish well to bring the game back to 1-1.

Going into the last game against Shebbear, the girls knew that a win would be enough to send them through to the quarterfinals. They clearly had this in mind going into the game and came out firing from start to finish. This time Erin, with a great run down the wing, before cutting back to Ruby to finish, to make it 1-0. Katie was then able to put the icing on the cake and get all three points for Holsworthy in a 2-0 win.

The quarter finals saw us drawn against the winner of group A, Mount Kelly, a team that we knew would be strong after some great wins in their group. It was a very close and end-to-end game; yet again and the girls soaked up some pressure and defended well throughout. Unfortunately, Mount Kelly were able to take one of their chances late on, to win the game 1-0.

Overall, a fantastic achievement by the girls to reach the quarterfinals and show they are one of the strongest teams in the county. They should all be extremely proud of themselves for their effort and performances, we as a PE department definitely are!

Year 7 to Save the Planet!

Year 7 have been analysing the task of how they can improve sustainability. Collaboratively, they came up with a variety of questions and in today’s lesson, they selected their three most important questions and then found the answers.

In their next Technology lesson, they will be writing letters to a company of their choice, or even an MP or a government department!

During their investigations over the past few weeks, they were also thinking about who they would write to and what they would say, as the letter will evidence facts and information they have gathered. When writing their letters, the students will be stating what they want done and offering solutions.

Forthcoming Events, Quiz Results, Community Events and Open Days

Forthcoming Events

Monday 15th October – Week A

Year 11 Art Trip to Bovey Tracey 9am – 3.10pm

U13 hockey v Shebbear – away 3.10pm – 4.45pm

Year 10 football v Bude – away – 3.10pm – 5.20pm

Year 8 football v Bude – at home 3.45pm – 5pm

Tuesday 16th October

U14 county hockey tournament at Blundells School – 9am – 4pm

Year 9 rugby v Kingsley – at home – 2pm – 3.10pm

Year 9 football v St Joseph’s – at home – 2pm – 3.10pm

Year 9 & 11 netball v Okehampton – away – 3.10pm – 5.30pm

Year 7 Parents’ Evening 4pm – 7pm

Wednesday 17th October

Year 9 English Schools 1st round v Looe – at home – 12.30pm – 4pm

KS2 tag rugby league 4pm – 5.30pm

Thursday 18th October

U16 girls’ rugby tournament at Bideford – 8.55am – 3.10pm

Year 7 football v St Joseph’s – at home – 1.30pm – 2.10pm

Year 8 football v St Joseph’s – at home – 2.10pm – 3.10pm

Friday 19th October

Last day of first half of autumn term

Monday 29th October – Week B

First day of second half of autumn term

Tuesday 30th October

Year 9 football v Bude – away – 3.10pm – 5.20pm

Year 7 football v Bude – at home 3.45pm – 5pm

Wednesday 31st October

KS2 HLS tag rugby league 4pm – 5.30pm

Friday 2nd November

Steven Shields Cross Country at Torrington Rugby Club 9am – 6pm

Quiz results

Thor 97

Highest group KS 19

Zeus 94

Highest groups DB & GB 19

Apollo 90

Highest groups DJ & PL 17

Poseidon 87

Highest group AW/KD 18

Question 5 of 20:

Why did hundreds of Head Teachers protest and march in central London recently?
a. They want higher pay for their teachers
b. They want higher pay for themselves
c. They want greater funding for schools


c. They want greater funding for schools – This is the latest push in a campaign by school leaders to highlight the dangers of budget shortfalls and the different funding levels between schools. The Head Teachers at the rally were from many schools around the country.


Project to Change the World?

In Design & Technology, we have been working on a 5-week sustainability project across Years 7, 8 & 9. They have been learning about and researching what issues currently face humanity and the globe.  

After identifying some of the problems and analysing the task, students have been gathering data, facts and information in order to offer solutions and intervention to which government, companies and industries can respond. 

We hope that the 360 letters, that our students will send, will help raise awareness of some of the big issues surrounding our use of plastics and the way we deal with end of life of products and disposal of our waste throughout the world!

 The future is in our hands!JR pic